From September 2019, over 7,500 homes in Boston, South Holland and North Kesteven will be taking part in a year-long separate paper and cardboard collection trial.

You do a really good job of recycling – putting your paper and card, tins and plastics in the right bin. However, sometimes the leftovers in the tins, broken glass or food waste contaminates the paper, which makes it hard to recycle efficiently.

We hope, by having a separate bin, we will be able to collect clean and dry paper and card, and avoid it being contaminated by other items. This can then be sent direct to a local paper mill, reducing the amount of road miles and carbon footprint and processing it back into a paper based product.

We have looked at similar schemes operating around the country, and they have worked really well – hugely increasing the amount of paper and card sent to recycling, and the quality. We hope to see the same benefits in our area.

We want to do our best for you, and for the environment.

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