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Climate Change

In January 2020, the Council declared a climate change emergency, recognising the urgent need for action to be taken by us all. The declaration also committed to reduce the Council’s carbon footprint and become net zero carbon in advance of the timetable declared by UK Parliament.

Recognising this, Environmental Awareness and Accountability was adopted as one of the core priorities of the new Corporate Strategy with a number of pledges set out to ensure we begin to reverse the impact on climate change. A new Carbon Reduction Plan for Council operations and a wider Climate Change Strategy for the Borough will also be developed in 2021-22 to drive action at all levels.

We are committed to being a strong partner in protecting the natural environment for residents and visitors. Our Environment Policy provides the framework to ensure this is considered across our service areas by setting out priorities under four key themes:

  • Protecting and recovering our natural environment
  • Mitigating and adapting to climate change
  • Enhancing our built environment
  • Ensuring a sustainable approach to waste and resource management.

Please find a copy of our Environment Policy below

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