Local Land Charges


What are local land charges?

A local authority search is normally required in connection with the sale, purchase and/or re mortgaging of any land or property to make sure the purchaser is aware of any charges or responsibilities it may have.

The word ‘charge’ means any outstanding financial claims, restrictions, decisions or information which may affect a particular property or parcel of land. These include charges for such services as new roads, road improvements, tree preservation orders, conditions imposed on planning permissions, conservation areas, legal agreements and listed buildings.

The local land charges section carries out all official searches covered by the Local Land Charges Act 1975, guaranteeing comprehensive replies to the official LLC1 and CON29 enquiries.

Why choose an official local authority search?

There are two different types of products available:-

1) The official local authority search; or

2) A search via a personal search company

There are a large number of companies which offer a local authority search service, as well as the local authority. However, all searches have one thing in common – information must be obtained from the local council.

Always remember, you have a choice – you do not have to accept a personal search just because it is the norm for the solicitor/conveyancer. You are entitled to insist on a full official local authority search undertaken by Boston Borough Council.

With such a choice of suppliers of property searches, why choose Boston Borough Council to produce a local land charges search? Hopefully the points below will help you decide:-

  • high quality finished searches produced by experienced and trained staff;
  • competitively priced – please refer to related documents below for the latest fees
  • the definitive source of information;
  • as a local authority, we are the only body empowered by legislation to sign an official search of the register.

Our commitment to you

We are at Level 2 of the National Land Information Service (NLIS) and able to accept searches via this system. We can also accept searches through our own on-line search service and through the TM Searches portal.

Completed searches can be returned by post or email.

On-line search service via web form

We have an on-line form system for local authority searches for solicitors/ conveyancers. The system has been designed to minimise the amount of time spent completing individual search forms and speeds up the time it takes to submit a search to us.

Search details are only inputted once and then we do the rest for you. The only time you will see the search forms are when we send them back to you fully completed and signed off. The system is also designed to allow you to print off all the information you have inputted in a condensed format.

To assist you, we have produced a leaflet ‘guidance on submitting a search by web form’ which takes you through the web form page by page, including methods of payment. This leaflet is also available to download below.

Please click on the following link if you wish to submit your search on-line web form application

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