PE21 Town Centre Regeneration


Officers from both the county council and borough council have been working closely on different aspects that are proposed in the draft PE21 Masterplan Project for Boston town centre regeneration report to unlock the potential for underutilised space.

With the hope that it will lead to increased connectivity, repurposing the town centre to increase footfall and income generation through a variety of uses, including a well-being hub (combined health and leisure), accommodation, retail, hotel and community facilities. This formed an extensive part of our Future High Street Fund bid and will also be the lynch pin of our Stronger Towns Bid.

The Masterplan has been in part funded by the One Public Estate and the County Council has been a key partner in developing ideas.

Formal consultation drop-ins have now ended, you can still give us your comments/suggestions by submitting them at the bottom of this page. Although we may not be able to respond to comments/suggestions now made, please note these will all be captured and taken into account.

PE21 – Context, Movement & Concept

PE21 Consultation Leaflet

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PE21 Masterplan Area